My new Sweatshirt Design


The Sweatshirt | Romwe in Cooperation with Kelly Louise Killjoy

Here's a couple of videos showing you beautiful faces my new Sweatshirt design, which were published on ROMWE on february 4th! I recieved it myself last week, and because of that I did a little lookbook with it aside from the first advertisement-video. I'm well aware of the fact that there's french fries on my design, and because of that I think you deserve a little background story of why that is. For a short period of time I was an intern in a clothing store, which had a simple t-shirt with the text "Pardon my french" hanging in the window. One day when I was hanging up clothes I was thinking about how this rather boring t-shirt could be turned into something everyone would either hate or love. I whispered French fries to myself after repeating "Pardon my french" inside my head a couple of times, and decided it was a mighty weird idea and therefore also quite brilliant - to me at least. When Romwer designs opened their doors to me, the design were already done - perfect timing! Now, there's nothing more to say than I hope you like french fries, and if not? - Pardon.

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