Now I'm gonna say it as it is. I haven't been posting in here as much as I've been wanting too because of one personal quality I have. It's simple and ridiculous. I'm a all-around perfectionist and I hated how I couldn't get the design of this blog right. The layout annoyed me oh-so bad, and I hated the fact that I didn't like the way my blog represented it-self - therefore I also hated they way my posts did. This blog is supposed to be about my personal style and self, and how could it ever be if I couldn't stand the way it was put together? To quote Fairground Attraction, then it has got to be perfect. I know how stupid this must sound, but that is me ladies and gentlemen. It is also me, to work until I find a solution to the problem and that is what I did. I may be quite technical but I am no multimedia designer, which is why I got some help - a huge thanks to Erika!

Did you notice my new design yet?
Yeah baby, new year and new style - Hope you're up for a new start with me.

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