Fake Fur Forever

Leopard faux fur Jacket | Choies                                    Black faux fur Coat | Choies 

 White faux fur Coat | Choies                                    Black biker faux fur Coat | Choies 

 Black faux long fur Coat | Choies                                    White biker faux fur Jacket | Choies 

 Black faux lined-fur Coat | Choies                                    Warm Pink faux fur Coat | Choies 

I can't even start to explain to you how much I'm in love with faux fur jackets, coats and even sweaters, so I've just decided to say: I love it and then I figure you get it. It has to be faux (fake) fur though - I just couldn't bear it if I had to wear a real one. Not that I'm the angry kind of person who yells "Murder" and throw paint at other people who doesn't disapprove of real fur, but I personally would feel like it was too close to wearing a corpse. It really is hypocritical of me to say since I do wear real leather from time to time, but it just doesn't seem as close to reality as fur does, eventhough it might be. When I was a kid I remember being on vacation on Crete and being the animal lover that I've always been, I fell in love with all the little furry animal-figures you can get at all the souvenir shops. I begged my parents to get me one for days, and when they got tired of my begging, they agreed to tell me why I couldn't have one - "They're made out of real rabbit fur dear." I immediately started crying, not because I couldn't have one but because I now saw the figures as dead animals. Anyway, I have been loving this faux fur trend since I got my leopard coat a year ago and I've since then added a short black one to my teeny-tiny collection. My next faux fur target is a long white or cream colored coat - and probably all of the listed above if the content of my wallet allowed it.

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