3 days in Rome!

Hi guys! Long time, no see and I am truly sorry for that. I've had a lot on my mind the past month, but now I'm back!
I've just been to Rome with my family for a couple of days and it is truly an inspirering and beautiful city. I've been there once before with my old Gymnasium classmates 2 years back, and I remember the trip to be abnormally fun. This time I was determinded to show my family the amazing place, and we kinda made a sport out of it by making a circle around everything we wanted to see on a map, and then crossing it out when we'd been there. Wauw, you can do a lot of sightseeing in 3 days: Colosseum, Forum Romanum, St. Peter's Church, The Capuchin Crypt, The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Stairs, Arch of Constantine, and a bunch of other pretty places which I can't remember the names of! Of course, I insisted on doing a bit of shopping too. I mean, I couldn't fly empty-handed home from Rome right? The good old Zara and American Apparel satisfied my urge, and I have now opened my heart to the Disco pants. I am absolutely speechless of how comfortable those tight tight tight pants are. I can actually sit in them, eat a huge meal and still breathe and feel like I'm wearing leggings. I'm more than satisfied with them! I know I'm gonna get them in multiple colors! I also have to put my hands in the air and say that I'm falling for the scrunchie. It might be out according to some people and the TV-series Sex and the City, but they really suit casual hairstyles well, such as: the messy bun and a simple ponytail. The truth is: I haven't worn a normal elastic since I got these, so bring back the 80's on this one! The last thing I bought in Rome was a grey cropped turtleneck from Zara. Sorry for the lack of a picture, but it's pretty simple and a great basic piece. I love turtlenecks when it's getting a bit cool outside, and they just bring something classy into every outfit.
All in all guys: I had an amazing trip to Rome! I can only recommend going there and see it for yourself!

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