Crazy about T-shirts

This late summer/start fall I'm all about big random T-shirts. I sometimes call it dress-shirts. I can not only use these for being lazy at home, but also for going out. Paired up with some badass leggings and outstanding accessories I can go out looking cool and be comfortable at the same time. I'm a true fan of that. I got these 3 new dress-shirts in H&M's divided section, which btw always deserves a look-through in my opinion. I've already taken the "London" shirt out for a swing in town, and I'm actually wearing the "Star Wars" shirt as I write this. I know I'll completely wear these out, and when they're once old and nasty looking they'll have to be ripped out of my hands before I throw them out. That is what usually happens when I buy myself these kind of dress-shirts! 

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