Wanting White Sneakers

The sneaker with the illusion of platform. I jumped directly onto that trend-train when it started and got a pair in black, but that just wasn't quite enough now, was it? I've actually never owned a pair of white sneakers - I can't even recall me owning a pair of all white shoes? I simply just had to get them in both colors and it was actually hard. Storytime! At first, the store I bought the black pair in, had just sold their last pair of whites. No problem, I payed for the shoes and they ordered them home for me. First pair they got home for me are two different colors of white, no thanks. Second pair they got home for me, one of the shoes are muddy-dirty because of the box being broken during their journey to the store, no thanks. Third pair they got home for me, weren't even there - they messaged me saying my shoes had arrived by mistake. After that I nicely got my money back and bought the shoes in another store.

Brand: Defeeter

Well, the illusion of platform wasn't quite enough for me, when I laid my eyes on these babies. They might look chunky but they're light as a feather both to wear and to hold in your hands, it really stunned me when I picked them up from the shelf at the store. I've worn them from 7am to 1am a week back, and my feet didn't hurt the slightest - these shoes functions just as regular sneakers. They are made by a danish brand which I don't think can be purchased online, but I'll leave a link to some similar sneakers below!

Brand: Sko By A&B
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  1. you're everything and more.

  2. Amazing sneakers! I really love it!

    Federica F.