Relaxing Study-vacation

Hey guys!
I'm still in the middle of my study-vacation and I just finished the first 3 exams last friday, and now only have 3 more exams to go. With almost two weeks until my next exam I took the weekend off to be with a close friend of mine. We don't get to see one-another very often, so we just went full-relaxation on everything, and camped in front of the TV the whole weekend. Today, as all other days of the weekend before, we slept until noon, and went for a burger in town before saying goodbye, until next time. When I came home I was greeted by my beloved dog, whom I took for a beach walk. Then I had to spray him with the water-hose to get him clean of sand and saltwater, which is always fun. He hates it. Btw, don't let the picture of the salad fool you: I had a burger, as I said before, so this salad was only my dinner because I wasn't really hungry. Since I'm still in my relaxed-mood, I'm just going to crawl back in bed with some soda and entertain myself with internet and TV. 

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