Waste of Make-Up and Hair-abuse

Hey guys.
This is the first time I'm doing this kind of, dairy like, post. Tell me if you like it, and I'll do more posts like this. I'm currently in the middle of my final exams, and in a month I'm finished with the Gymnasium. I have something called study-vacation and I have no idea if you have those kind of "vacations" other places than in Denmark, sorry for my ignorance, but it's a vacation meant for giving the students time to study for their exams. Obviously. So I have a lot of extra time on my hands some days, and today I had planned to do some photoshoots, but unfortunately the mostly rainy weather didn't seem to agree, so it just ended up being a waste of make-up and hair abuse. Lucky for me, my dad called and told me and my brother that we had to dine out tonight, so it wasn't a TOTAL waste. As you can see below I'm mostly not a salad-and-water kind of girl, and I enjoy a good burger and fries. Most people would lie of they said they didn't. It tasted fantastic, and when I came home I went for a walk: Not because I felt bad but because my poor dog, Quno had a bit of nausea today and threw up on his blanket, so I took him for an extra long walk to give him some fresh air. He's now laying on my carpet beside my bed, and he's fine again. Not even god knows, how much I love him.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg ved du får tager professionelle billeder af dig selv og tænkte derved om du ikke ville prøve at poste dem herinde så man kan se dem?


    1. Jo, det kan jeg da sagtens gøre noget mere :)