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I actually only ordered the jacket, tee and leggings, but ROMWE gave me the galaxy collar for free with it, 
and together with the always free delivery you can say that I was/am a very happy costumer. This is a site I 
will recommend, since it's a site which always have new offers and huge selection of different affordable in-
fashion clothing. I dare you to check it out!

I've been looking for a jacket like this for ages, because there are so many different kinds of biker jackets 
and I've just never found one perfect enough for the image I had in my head. I always imagine something in
my head before buying, and that can be a problem if what I'm imagining doesn't exist, BUT here it is.

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Oh Disney, I will never be to old to either watch you or wear you. I love everything with either Mickey or 
Donald Duck on it, they were the heroes of my childhood and now adulthood. I'm aware of the not-so-
happy symbols which are mixed with the dear Mickey, but I'm loving it. It's kinda like UNIF (the brand).
Mixing something popular with a new trend is always a plus in my book. I had to own it.

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When I found these I didn't really have any choice but to buy them. Me and these leggings are the perfect 
match, and ROMWE have hundreds of leggings and I'm sure almost everyone could find at least one pair
they thought were perfect for their personal taste.

Get them here:

I'm not really a sucker for galaxy prints. I think the print is very beautiful, but I've seen enough of it by now. 
The fact that ROMWE decided to give me this I love though, because if I had to own something with the 
print, it had to be on something discreet and cute. I am also very happy about the colors used in it, since it's 
not the standard colors for this particular print. Thank you ROMWE, I am liking it.

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