H&M Festival Collection

WUUPS! I bought half of the H&M Festival Collection 2013

This print is everywhere by now, and if I had to own it too, it had to be on a summerly thin-fabric tank.
When I first visited H&M and found out about this whole festival collection I instantly fell in love with the 
whole collection. Sadly, my wallets content isn't something I can brag about, so I had to control myself a bit.
Well, in the fitting room I decided this was worth some of the non-bragable content of my wallet.

Hands on the table, this makes me laugh and that is the reason why I had to get this. It is a size large which is
way to big for me, but it was the only size left and it would do a great oversize piece anyway. I could not
leave this behind, and I've already giggled at the picture a couple of times while cropping it. I don't know if 
you'd understand my freaky, kinda mean, humour but I will wear this with a huge grin on my face. 

First of all, I didn't expect to buy this at all. Me and dresses isn't a cocktail I mix a lot, and that is because I 
have a hard time being too girly. but I really do try to change that, since I think it's a flat out stupid way to 
think. I was a girl the last time I checked. Second of all, I ended up loving it. No dress have ever fitted my 
damn body so well, and that surprised me a lot since it doesn't look like a dress that would hug your curves 
where it should. This has ended up being the favorite piece of clothes I bought.

I have a little soft-spot for US and UK flag prints, and I needed a new bikini for the summer. I almost never
find a bikini I want, so not buying this would probably have the result: Kelly Louise didn't find a bikini worth 
buying this year. I refused to let that happen.  

"Oh, isn't this the same flag-print as the bikini?" Yes it is, I knew I couldn't fool you! Again I had to own 
these so much that I bought them one size too big since they were the only pair left. I've already washed 
them, and put them in the dryer, so they have shrunk a bit. Am I the only one who buys clothes in a different 
size, when my own isn't available? I don't think so?

I don't think this an actual part of the festival collection, but I can't walk past anything striped without liking it, 
and as I told you before, I do not own many skirts or dresses, so I had to get it. The stripes makes it less 
girly to me, so that thought was quickly erased when I saw it was a skirt. I really have to stop thinking that 
way anyway.  

I, of course, also had to snoop around in the accessorie section, and I found this. This is perfect. This is just 
what I've been looking for. I love the big-chunky-chain fashion, which is in right now and now I want this in 
gold too. A girl needs something to choose from right? 

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  1. Haha, jeg stod faktisk selv med den første top og 'bukserne' i dag. Virkelig lækre ting :)