Simple but not

This outfit is to me the perfect everyday outfit. It combines two of my favorite types of clothes I can throw on my body for a day of work or school. I'm a big fan of comfortable clothes when I have to do these everyday necessities, because I'm always either tired or in the good old I-don't-want-to-do-anything kind of morning mood, so comfortable and warm clothes are a must for me in my everyday life. BUT, in the same time I can't stand looking like someone who's been sitting around in my sweats eating icecream for months grieving over some lost boyfriend or dead cat, so I need at least one piece of clothes to be conspicuous. At least to me. 


I bought this wonderful Denim Jacket in a store called American vintage in California, and they had so many awesome jackets just like this one. A good friend of mine also got one like this in Copenhagen, so I figure that most big cities has a vintage store just like American vintage, it's really just about digging into the piles of clothes and all sorts of treasures will appear. Underneath this beauty I could wear all sorts of one-coloured sweaters and shirts without it being boring, because a good old denim jacket have a habbit of making most pieces appear more stylish than they would be without it.  

Of course I needed to own these pants, there was no doubt about that, when I saw them on Wasteland's online store. The brand is called Motel Rocks, and the pants are made out of a very smooth stretchy fabric. Comfortable. I think you know what I mean when I say that no clothes will ever look boring as long as you are wearing these pants with it. They're so conpicuous by themselve that if you didn't wear a top at all, it was still the pants people would be looking at. My friends and family already call them clown pants, and I already invited them into the club of my favorite pieces. Conspicuous and comfortable, what more is there to ask for?

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