Online shopping, January

I ordered this from ROMWE monday last week, so it really was a very quick (AND FREE) delivery. I'm very much looking forward to rock this sweater in both my photos and in life. You have no idea how soft and warm this sweater is, and I'll tell you the story behind it now: I began to love the brand BOY LONDON in December 2012 and since I'd seen their sweaters in grey before I wanted a grey one rather than the black or white ones that they sell on their website. Boohoo. So I looked for the grey edition everywhere, and by now I'm actually not sure if the BOY LONDON brand ever sold their original sweaters in grey. Anyway, I actually gave up and wanted to pitty-shop a bit, so I looked through some of my favorite online stores, and guess what ROMWE had? The sweater I'd been looking for!

I've wanted a pair of creepers since forever, and I finally pulled myself together and purchased these from ebay, the day after I bought the BOY sweater. With their odd look and comfort they've already enchanted me completely. I didn't have to look for too long on ebay for these beauties, since they have a massive selection of creepers sold by many different sellers, but I can definately recommend this seller: My1stWish. The item was as described, they had many pictures of the item, they had many different colors to choose from, and they also shipped the item incredibly  fast. A seller I'd be happy to buy from again! 

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