Layering for the Winter

Sunglasses - H&M
Leather Jacket - Sisters Point
Slash tee - No brand
Studded shorts - Coal N' Terry Vintage
Leggings - H&M
Boots - Ebay

Winter doesn't mean boring, and layering doesn't mean looking like a stuffed teddybear. Eventhough they're quite cute; What? I'm a girl. Anyway, this outfit is more layered than you imagine. Underneath the slash t-shirt I'm wearing a tight elastane fabric t-shirt, and under the leggings I'm wearing a pair of tights. My arms do not have much layering going on, but the leather jacket is providing enough warmth by itself on that point. I personally tend to freeze a lot at my neck area, so I of course put my giant scarf on, it's pretty cozy to wear.
From my previous post I'm wearing the H&M distressed leggings, and the spiked Lita's. The lita's are ridiculously easy to walk in and suprisingly comfortable for a monster platform shoe, and then, they're just flat out beautiful in my eyes. If I was a mens shoe, I'd marry those hotties. For the leggings, I totally liked the idea with pairing them up with my black distressed shorts. They're not 100 percent equally distressed, but you get the idea and I like that. Then, at last, the suprise with these shorts is always that my behind is all studded. How many times have I been asked this; "Doesn't it hurt to sit on?"

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