The two C's

I was back at my old photography spot to take some pictures last week, and when I was done I had quite a lot of pictures to show, so this is just the beginning guys! In case you were wondering, in fact if you were or weren't, yes I do change clothes at the spot in my car, and I must complain and say that is a godd*** workout to put on skinny jeans in a two-door car.

This flannel is one of my new babies, and I've already planned when and where to wear it next. It's just see-through enough to be sexy but not sleazy and the fabric looks a bit more expensive than a regular flannel, so I probably wouldn't wear it to school. Maybe if I found a way to put something on underneath that wouldn't look like a small girls undershirt. For partying, meet-ups with friends, dates and shopping it's perfect, and I love the detail with bare shoulders. I makes you able to button the shirt all the way up, without you looking like a checkered square. I love checkered prints, and flannels is the perfect solution for satisfying my urge for checkered prints, and vise versa. Checkered is definately one of my C's.

I've talked about this brand before, and I've even posted the necklace in one of my earlier posts. Now, I just couldn't help myself, I needed this jewellery set in my custody. My younger brother actually got me the bracelet for christmas, what a cutie right? The necklace is perfect for shirts with collars (here comes my flannel-loving again) and in generel actually goes pretty well with shirts with a high cut. Since I have very thin wrists, most bracelets doesn't fit me, but this bracelet can be closed all over the chain, so thank you Regal Rose for thinking about people with small wrists. Well, I know that probably wasn't the case, but I like to think so! Obviously they're equally beautiful, and if you don't mind sounding like a bell, they're perfect for you. If you're not into the crosses, it might be an unsuitable purchase for you, but for me Crosses is definately my second C!

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