Shopping when I'm supposed to be doing Homework

I was actually supposed to go to school, pick up my assignment information and go to town to get my Silica pills (natural pills for healthy hair and strong nails) but it kinda didn't went as planned. I spent an hour walking around in my local H&M store, and I found many pieces I liked. Luckily for my wallet, most of them didn't fit me as I wanted them too when I tried them on. When I saw this shirt I honestly didn't think I would buy it, but when I tried it on, it fitted me perfectly, and I love how it's see-through sexy without being too skanky because of it's baggy shirt fit. Finally, I really needed something non-casual!

I can't walk past a pair of leggings without examining them, so I swear, these were hiding from me! I had been in the store for almost an hour, and while walking towards the counter after trying six different pieces on in the dressing room, these leggings came into my sight. I felt the sting of irritation, because I knew that I couldn't leave them there, and I had to try them on. Here we go again, and I didn't regret it one bit.

I've seen this necklace on ebay a couple of times and I have been close to buying it everytime I saw it, so it had to be fate when I walked into this accessorie store and found it. If everyone in the whole store was quiet, it might even be calling my name. I have a love for spikes and studs and it's almost turning into an illness, but don't worry, it gets worse!

This store sells the most kick-ass jewellery ever. I'm drooling in their accessorie section everytime I'm there. I needed some jewellery for one of the few dresses I own, and this was what I found. I would describe these as pretty weird, and I have no idea if I love them or hate them. Maybe I love to hate them, maybe I hate to love them. They just had to be mine.

FINALLY. Finally, I have my own pair of Lita's. I've been wanting these for a very long time, but since they don't really sell them where I live, and since I'm, what do you call it; broke, I haven't been able to purchase them, but now was the time. Ebay, saved my ass again, and I thank you for that. Everyone repeat after me; Thank you Ebay. Also, a huge applause to Jeffrey Campbell for satisfying my urge to spikes and monster shoes.

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  1. Love your sense of style.

  2. in love with your acquisitions <333

  3. I'm nominated you for the Liebster Award

  4. I love your blog...amazing photos

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