Vagabond in Heels


Shirt - ONLY
Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Pacsun
Socks - DIY
Wedges - KOI Couture

Right now, I'm crazy about layering different pieces, and you'll most likely see me in a lot of button down shirts. If I have to be completely honest with you all, I got inspired by some men I saw on the street, many people would probably call them bums, or as I express myself, vagabonds. I try not to think of myself as a horrible person, because of this inspiration.

I just finished another shoot with a photographer, before I took these couple of pictures myself. I really look forward to seeing them. He was probably one of the coolest photographers I've worked with, and so easy to talk too. I got to choose my own outfits, so the pictures will most likely be up soon.

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    1. I'll try to connect it to bloglovin in a post now!