Jewellery Trends

I'm absolutely in love with the jewellery fashion right now, actually I would say it's the first time I've been this much into the jewellery fashion. One of the must haves this year is choker necklaces, which looks the best with open-neck shirts and tops. This kind of necklace is one of my favorite kinds right now, and I love the finish it adds to your outfits. A color you''ll see repeatedly on jewellery are of course the basics; silver and gold, but also many different blue colors, my favorites are mostly dominated by turquoise. Crosses and futuristic shapes are the shapes that has taken over most of the jewellery designs in the stores. Futuristic jewellery are jewellery inspired by the future, and are mostly created in shapes such as squares and triangles. My personal favorit shape is the cross. You can get those in every size and design, so there'll always be one that matches your outfit to the fullest, and then I'm a sucker for the gothic look it adds to your style. The last two trends I'm going to be talking about are feathers and flowers. Feathers are often seen in earring designs, while flowers are used as hair jewellery/accessories. I haven't fallen for the perfect feather earring yet, but I'm sure it'll happen. I'm already digging the big flowers as headband though.
All in all, the jewellery trends right now kicks ass, it's chunky, it's spikes and studs, it's mixing gold and silver, it's playing with different shapes, it's beautiful!

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  1. Hej Louise, fed blog!
    Det ville være dejligt, hvis du gad og tjekke min ud og måske blive fast læser? Tak på forhånd :-)

  2. I have one of those spiked earcuff :)