How to get long healthy hair

    • Stop using straighteners, curling irons and blowdryers often. You are basically frying your hair, even with blowdryers. Daily use of these items will course your hair to crack off, and dry out. Because I know that none of us can't live fully without none of the above, I'll advice you to only use them for special occasions, not everyday use. Remember to have a good heat protecter ready before using them too. 
    • Don't wash your hair everyday. You're not doing your hair any favors by doing that. It'll course your hair to get greasy quicker than normal, and to dry completely out. Just like your hands when you do dishes. I'll recommend washing it every third day, but that doesn't mean you can't take a shower.
    • Condition your hair everytime you wash it. Buy a good conditioner and use it everytime you wash your hair. By doing that your hair won't dry out from the shampoo, and you will crack less hair when you comb it.
    • Go to a hairdresser instead of doing it yourself. There is a reason why it's more expensive to get your hair colored by a hairdresser than by yourself with supermarket products. The products the hairdresser uses are much better for your hair, especially if you wan't your hair lighter. Also get your edges trimmed a bit once every third or fourth month. By doing that your hair will actually grow more, and faster.
    • I strongly recommend not using extensions. If you want your hair long, then quit the extensions. It doesn't make a difference if you glue, clip or tape them in. By clipping in extensions often, or getting them glued/taped in everytime you're at the hairdresser, you're ruin your hair slowly. Extensions crack your hair where they're stuck to your head, but that's not the worst of it, extensions actually ruin your hair by the roots, and in time your hair will get thinner.
    • Don't tease your hair often. Use gentle everyday hairstyles if you want long hair. You're only making the process slower by force cracking your hair by teasing it. Do it on special occasions.
    • Here is something that will fasten the growing process. Eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and eat a lot of protein. I'll also recommend taking Silica tablets which are all natural tablets that makes hair and nails stronger and helps them to grow faster.


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