Getting ready for the cold

I went out shopping with my family yesterday, and I walked around for a very long time in this store, without any luck. Much of the clothes I liked were sold out in my size, and it was the last store I was in so I was a bit tired, plus I had my family following me too. They really loved it when they found out this store had two floors. Luckily for me I found this on the floor I hadn't searched through yet. Currently, I love grey/white mixed patterns, and together with my everlasting love for studded-everything, I couldn't just leave it hanging. It's very comfy, and varm and was exactly what I had in mind. I might buy some ekstra studs, to stud it just a bit more. I can't help it. 

I actually didn't care much for this store before, but this year there has been some pretty rad pieces hanging on their hangers. As the title of this post indicates I was looking for varm clothes to wear fx, in my school time. I'm the type of person that gets cold just by looking outside the window. So I found 3 different sweaters, and this was what I liked the most. It's geniously comfy, and I love the worn-out look it has, and despite it's simpleness I just had to have it. Besides, I have a lot of conspicuous bottoms I can pair it up with.

This is one of my absolute favorite stores of all time. I can always find something new I just have to own in their Divided Sections, and it's always to affordable prices, which is helping this poor student (=me) a lot. I had been walking around for a bit when I saw these leggings on one of the dolls, and immediately fell in love with the dark army green color and the patterns fade-out. I had my brother help me look for it, and when we finally found them, there was only three pairs left. One pair way too big, one pair ridiculously small and one pair exactly my size. My fucking precious!

Another thing I love about these stores is their huge section with accessories. I had been looking for a hat onehundred percent looking like this, and I had my eye on one in Monki. Unfortunately, their tiny hats didn't fit my huge head, so my and my huge brain had to find a hat another place. While going through the accessorie section in H&M I found this hat in every other color than black. Of course I wanted it black, since I wanted it to go with my favorite scarf. In my misery of not finding this hat I passed the childrens section, and guess what I found. Ma' hat.

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  1. Hvad gav du for Gina Tricot sweateren?

  2. GAH I love the studded sweater! :)

    Daphne of Metamorphosis