Coal N' Terry Vintage

Jack Daniels top - Coal N' Terry Vintage
Metallica top - Coal N' Terry Vintage
Denim shirt - Coal N' Terry Vintage
Black studded shorts - Coal N' Terry Vintage
Red studded shorts - Coal N' Terry Vintage

This is probably one of my favorite brands. They sell the sickest vintage cut-off shorts in many different colors and shapes, and if you want a pair of them custom made, then it's no problem at all, they make custom made shorts too. They have the cutetest tops ready for puchase too, many of them are very unique, and not something you see in every store now a days. It gets better, they're now also making killer oversized denim jackets, and one of them are definately going to live inside my closet next! So if you share my love for studs, denim and vintage, what are you waiting for?


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  1. Those are some super cute shorts. I'll have to take a look at that site ! :DD